- Residential Care -

Beechmore Court

267 Southlands Road, Bickley, Bromley BR1 2EG
Beechmore Court is a residential care home for elderly men and women whoare no longer able to live independentlyin their own homes or in sheltered accommodation. It is registered with the Care Quality Commission as a residential home for 36 elderly people and is inspected regularly.

Beechmore Court is owned by Cedarmore Housing Association Limited (CHA), a not-for-profit Christian charity based in Bromley. Day to day responsibility rests with the Head of Home and her staff, but full management responsibility rests with the Committee of Management.

Beechmore Court gives person-centred care


- about admission -

What are the qualifications for admission?

Most residents come direct from their home environment. A proportion of the residents come from the Association’s three sheltered schemes: Cedarmore Court, Elenmore Court and Southmore Court. A waiting list is maintained.

Where residents are likely to need financial support towards their fees, their admission should be sponsored by the Local Authority for the area in which they are living. Their residence at Beechmore Court will then be the subject of a contract between that Authority, the Association and the resident.
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- Who we are -


The Head of Home is responsible for the day to day management of Beechmore Court and the care of its residents. Our Head of Home has been in place since 2012 and is supported by a Deputy, and by care, domestic, catering, maintenance and administrative staff, as well as by friends and committee members who assist on a voluntary basis.

The Association works hard to recruit and train high quality staff, who are sympathetic to its objectives and who are committed to the well-being of the residents in their care. The ratio of care staff to residents in Beechmore Court is greater than most other residential care homes in Bromley.

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- Residential Care -


Residents are accommodated in individual bed-sitting-rooms, most of which allow for wheelchair mobility. Some rooms have en-suite toilets and there is a vanitory unit with hot and cold water in other rooms. All bathrooms have special aids to facilitate assisted bathing.
There are two lifts on the premises for residents to use.

Breakfast is served in bedrooms in the Brooker unit. All other meals are served in the dining-rooms on the ground floor and taken to individual rooms only when residents are unwell. Residents are encouraged to share morning coffee and afternoon tea in the lounges, as they wish. In the warmer weather they are able to sit in the garden or in the conservatory.
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At Beechmore Court the intention is to provide the kind of care and assistance which an elderly person would like to receive in his or her own home from a competent friend or relative under the guidance of a nurse or doctor. Most residents need some assistance with bathing, toileting and dressing. Residents may retain their own doctor if practicable. Residents who are ill or frail are cared for at Beechmore Court for as long as possible although under certain circumstances, and on the advice of the resident’s doctor, a transfer to a hospital or a home which provides nursing care may prove necessary.

Staff attend to all laundering of personal clothes, bed linen, etc. (marking of clothing with sewn-in name tapes before admission is essential).


We are able to care for elderly people who are developing dementia in small, homely units. Beechmore Court seeks to provide support and therapy appropriate to the residents’ special needs and abilities, and to make their lives as interesting and agreeable as possible. Staff attend to all laundering of personal clothes, bed linen, etc. (marking of clothing with sewn-in name tapes before admission is essential).

We encourage residents to participate in all activities offered at Beechmore, as much as they are able to, and welcome visits from family and friends to provide on-going stimulation and connection.

- Things to do -


Residents are encouraged to continue to pursue their own interests and hobbies wherever possible. Staff and friends of Beechmore Court arrange social and other activities for those residents who wish to participate, including exercise class, art class, choir, games, book club, manicures and hand massage, story reading, talks, outings to parks, seaside, theatre and other events as appropriate. The Association owns a minibus with a tail lift, which is used to take residents to church and on outings.

A short Christian service is held each Sunday in the main lounge for those who wish to attend.

Residents (at their own expense) are able to have television, radio and personal telephone lines in their room. Residents may pay for the services of a hairdresser or chiropodist if required.

Voluntary helpers organise a shop each week at which residents can buy stationery, toiletries, sweets etc. Newspapers are provided in the lounges, but residents may pay for their own copy to be delivered, if desired.
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Rules are kept to a minimum. The intention is to create a caring, friendly and unobtrusively Christian atmosphere in which residents feel secure and at ease at all times.

‍Before admission, residents are expected to sign an agreement covering the main terms and conditions of residence at Beechmore Court, and they are expected to cooperate with each other and with staff as much as possible to create a happy and friendly environment for all. Regrettably, it is not possible to allow residents to bring their own pets. Beechmore Court has a no-smoking policy.


Beechmore Court is run on a non-profit-making basis. Fees are fixed at levels sufficient to cover all running costs and are reviewed annually.

Where residents are part-funded by their Local Authority and the Local Authority does not meet the full charge, the Association looks to the resident’s relatives or friends to cover the shortfall. The Association has a small charitable fund to draw on in cases of extreme hardship.

An individual’s fees will be based on the level of their care needs, which are assessed prior to admission and reviewed periodically. Ensuite facilities carry a small premium. A deposit of £500 is payable on admission and will be refunded on termination of residence provided that all charges are up to date and the room has been cleared of all personal possessions and is available for letting.


Beechmore Court is not in a position to offer any financial advice to residents or potential residents. However, there are a number of organisations and companies that are very happy to offer such advice. You should confirm for yourself if there is a charge for advice if you contact any of them. Look for an independent financial adviser with the specialist CF8 qualification to advise on funding long-term care. They’ll be able to explain all the costs and risks, and can help with other things, like arranging a will or setting up a power of attorney. The ultimate aim is to maximise your income for meeting care costs whilst, as far as possible, preserving your original capital.

- What Our Residents Say -

CQC Comments

"My daughter would give everything she possessed for me to stay here. They are nice people and there isn't anything they wouldn't do for you"
"I just feel it's a safe place.
I'm completely relaxed with no worries"
"It's always kept clean here. They are very good at making sure the home is nice and tidy. They clean my room every day."
"People spoke positively about the care and support they received and told us staff were caring and friendly."


From the CQC Report

“Throughout our inspection we found the home to be warm, clean, tidy and free from any unpleasant odour. Records showed that infection control audits were carried out on a regular monthly basis. We saw hand washing reminders in bathrooms and toilets and hand sanitizer was available and was being used by staff throughout the home. Training records confirmed that all staff had completed training on infection control and food hygiene. We saw and staff told us that personal protective equipment was always available to them when they needed it”

People spoke positively about the care and support they received and told us staff were caring and friendly. Comments included, "Oh yes, they are excellent", "What can you say, I don't think I could pick one of them that I've ever had any trouble with", "They will come and sit and talk with you", "Yes they are really good", "They listen to me", "Yes they are very good company. I feel they are very friendly, they are like friends", and, "I have become very fond of them."  "They are interested in me and my past.", "Yes, staff always knock on the door and knock and ask if you feel alright.", "There is nothing you couldn't ask them for."   Throughout the course of our inspection we observed positive friendly interactions between staff and people. We saw that staff were attentive to people's requests and were prompt to offer support when needed

Morale among staff appeared high and staff told us there was a strong sense of teamwork within the home which was promoted by the manager who was approachable and supportive.

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