- About Us -


Cedarmore Housing Association Ltd (CHA) was formed in 1968 by a small group Baptist Churches in the area who felt the desire to assist local older people finding it difficult to cope and remain fully independent in their existing home environment.

They formed a charitable housing association and others joined them in the enterprise as they acquired a site and built Cedarmore Court, a sheltered housing scheme for older people in Chislehurst. The success and popularity of this scheme encouraged them to plan for another development and to take advantage of new housing legislation. They were able to register CHA as a housing association and apply for a Housing Association Grant towards a second scheme. This enabled them to build Southmore Court in Bromley as a more enclosed sheltered project for 24 people with an additional communal lounge and kitchen.

After the opening of this second scheme in 1979, CHA went to develop a full residential scheme for older people needing more care than is possible to provide in sheltered housing schemes.

After a careful search, a site in Bromley was acquired and developed to provide Beechmore Court which opened in 1986 as a residential care home, with Local Authority approval, for 28 older people. A few years later Beechmore was extended to support 36 people by adding a small wing to provide appropriate accommodation for 8 people developing dementia. 
In 1996, CHA acquired another site adjacent to Beechmore Court and built a further small sheltered scheme, Elenmore Court including accommodation for couples. 

Residents of all CHA schemes have included both self-funding and Local Authority funded people and demand for places has remained high.

CHA now employs over 100 staff in care, administration and practical service functions to support people.

Cedarmore Housing Association is a member of the National Core Forum representing those in the non-for-profit sector.

The Management Committee of volunteers and the employed Leadership Team have a wide range of experience and most have links with local churches

- Our Values -

Mission Statement

1. As a organisation with a Christian ethos Cedarmore Housing Association seeks to provide suitable accommodation and care for older people from within the local community making this available on terms affordable to those with low income.

2. The Association seeks to fulfill this objective by:-

a) Providing sheltered housing accommodation with Scheme Manager support for such older people who are able to manage their lives independently with this level of support.

b) Providing residential care for those more dependent older people who need continuous care on account of their physical or mental frailty.

3. The Association endeavours to respect the independence and individuality of each person and to enhance their self esteem and quality of life.

4. The Association seeks to create within each of its communities an unobtrusive and caring Christian environment.

5. To fulfill this mission the Association seeks to employ staff who share the ethos of the organisation and to provide opportunities for voluntary service for others who share that ethos and are interested in the well-being of older people.